How to Set Up Your Holiday Laser Light Projector

A simple method to display your holiday zeal at home is to install a outdoor laser projector. You can decorate your entire home with a single source, so there’s no need to spend hours on a ladder or tangle up lights.

The hassle-free method to decorate your home for the holidays in the current era is with a laser light projector. The projector can be moved closer or farther away to provide the coverage you require, regardless of the size of your home.

Cover your home in shimmering Christmas lights with these five easy steps:

To create a single long stake, clockwise-twist the two black stake components together.
By turning the long stake clockwise, you may secure it to the base of the laser.
Leave a 6″ space between the bottom of the laser and the top of the ground when you drive the stake into the ground. Just keep in mind to press the stake rather than the laser unit.
Connect the projector to a GFCI-protected outdoor outlet. Make sure the extension plug is approved for outside use if you must use one.
To set the laser at the proper angle, use the angle adjustment knobs. For illuminating smaller objects, move it closer; for larger displays, move it farther.

To demonstrate your festive spirit this season, laserpointerworld suggests using Prime’s outdoor laser projector. A single source of light can power hundreds of light points thanks to the festive laser light projector! The projector and two ground stake pieces are included with your order.

Depending on the outside temperature, give the device 5 to 10 minutes to warm up to full brightness. Watch hundreds of lights dance across your yard by simply following these simple steps to set up your projector.

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